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    As I am writing this entry, I still feel the high from all the festivities, the games and energetic atmosphere of the Rio 2016 Olympics which happened last August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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    The month of August is "winter" for the Brazilians. Nope, it ain't the snowy type of winter fellas. It was still scorching hot during the day that turns into a cold breezy weather at night. (Think: Baguio and Tagaytay during the Ber Months.)


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    As a Sports Correspondent for the Rio Olympics, I expected that I would be working long hours. One would think, how can I find time to exercise and eat right with a demanding job like this? Well, it's all about determination and creativity baby.


    The moment I set foot in Rio de Janeiro, first thing I tried to find was the nearest grocery store. Luckily, there was one close to our hotel: Prezunic, it's like our S&R here in the Philippines.


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    I stocked up on a lot of healthy goods and fresh produce, fruits, sweet potatoes (!), Vitamin C and easy-to-cook healthy carb to snack in between meals.



    Next: Every hotel should have a gym. Throughout my whole stay in Brazil I tried to workout 5 days a week, every morning, by hook or by crook, before I prepare and head to the International Broadcast Center in the Olympic Park, our media headquarters.


    A good pump to start your days is always better than none! Get those endorphins working ;) Sports apparel: H&M Sport



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    How about cardio? Well, my job entailed long walks from one venue to another. The stadiums were huge, so it's a lot of work to get your way around! People in Rio didn't mind walking though. Everyday I'd say I walked a total of 2-3 hours a day. Talk about burning calories!


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    Although I came to Brazil for work, it still was counted as vacation for me. During the weekends I allowed myself to indulge in famous Brazilian dishes. I went to buffet places and ate Churrascaria! Steak in Brazil is pretty cheap and very delicious!!!! Rule: Eat clean Monday to Friday, indulge on weekends. Don't be too hard on yourself :)



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    Lastly, I want to stress on the fact that trips should be a way to relax your mind and your body. There were days I absolutely did nothing. I ate and enjoyed the sights and sounds in Rio.

    It wasn't really hard to eat healthy in Brazil because a lot of places serve organic and healthy dishes. Take a look at this menu of a kiosk by the beach for example:


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    And there's also this popular Brazilian snack called "acai": made from crushed acai berry and ice. Locals eat this before and after working out. You'll find this in almost every restaurant. It's very healthy, I tell you! Not to mention I got addicted to it.


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    If you love the beach, love to eat healthy and have an active lifestyle, Rio de Janeiro should be your next destination. Tip: it would help bigtime if you spoke a lil' Portuguese, it adds to really living like a Brazilian local :)



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    Looking forward to share more fitness motivation, experiences and tips soon!




    Wonderwoman Sel G.

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