• Supplements 101, When You Workout

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    Before I even start, here's a disclaimer: This post is not meant to scientifically explain the effects of each product. This is just to open your mind on what supplements you need to achieve your fitness goals. Always consult with a certified trainer from your gym about nutrition concerns. 

    While we get most of our nourishment from food, athletes and individuals who live an active lifestyle get a little extra boost from supplements to keep up with the physical demands of their training and daily routine. 



    If you’ve been working out and you start asking yourself,  “Do I need to take these?” well my answer would be YES. But always keep in mind that if you’re not eating well there’s no point in taking supplements. 

    I’ll be giving a quick rundown of the supplements I take and why I take them:


    1. Whey Protein:

    Right after a workout our muscles are pretty “hangry” (hungry and angry) for protein that can be quickly absorbed by the body. Whey protein is basically the mother of muscle food. A frequently asked question about this is will it make women big, such as hulk levels huge? No. Because your muscle mass will still depend on your diet and how intense your workout is. Make sure, ladies, you choose whey isolates and not mass gainers for lean muscle, this is what my bodybuilding coach tells me. Not unless you want to drastically increase size, get the latter. 



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    Nitrotech Whey: iherb.com




    2. Pre-workout:

    When life weighs you down and you need a pick-me-upper before a gym sesh. THIS IS YOUR BEST BET. 


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    ON Preworkout: sg.fitlion.com




    - Black coffee is a good pre-workout drink especially in the morning. 

    - Choosing the best pre-workout supplement for you is a trial and error process. To each is his own. What makes a good pre-workout drink is something that gives you enough energy for your workout but also allows you to sleep well at night. 


    3. Intra-workout (BCAA’s):

    These keep the muscles recharged in the middle of your workouts so you can maximize your training. It keeps you from feeling sluggish midway until the end of a workout. This usually comes in powder form and when mixed with water its perfect to drink in the middle of your workouts. You can also opt for the BCAA capsule. 






    AminoX BCAA: iherb.com




    4. Glutamine:

    I add this flavorless powder to my whey protein after each workout. This helps me recover quick after a workout so that I am not so sore the day after. If you plan to workout almost everyday you need this!!! 



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    Mutant Glutamine: bodybuilding.com 



    5.  Creatine:

    Since I started taking creatine, when my workouts got intense and my work schedule was just hella toxic, I felt less fatigued after training. This supplement also comes in a flavorless powder form that you can mix with your BCAA drink mid-workout. Honestly, this supplement is optional -- ONLY if you are doing intense workouts. 



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     Dymatize Creatine: amazon.com


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    When it comes to what brand is best for you, again, to each is his or her own. Our bodies are made differently and we have different needs and goals.


    Don’t be afraid to explore what works for you.



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