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    It’s summertime and, as the saying goes, living is easy. Some of my favorite things to do this time of year are hit the beach, work on my tan, go for ice-cream and believe it or not, shop. Ideally, all meals would be al fresco paired with a feel good playlist in the background.


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    If anything, I hope my first outdoor event is an accurate forecast of what’s to come. I attended an intimate Wholesome Gathering complete with a cookout, tasty sides, fresh appetizers, effervescent beverages and even nice-cream.


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    This of course, was hosted by The Wholesome Table -- a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends while also unveiling their seasonal summer fare.


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    What’s impressive about restaurateur Bianca Araneta is that she understands different people will evoke diverse feelings when it comes to what they picture on their plate… For some, they envision barbecued meats. Pull-apart slabs of ribs or maybe chicken buckets filled with grilled corn on the cob. Yellow for him, blue for her perhaps? Both options are available. Bottled sauces don’t fly, so they make their own. Golden Carolina, Smoked Hickory and Texas BBQ.


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    For another set, it means a burst of herbs and salad bowls. Something light, cooling -- and clean. I was especially keen on the fresh spring rolls, popcorn shrimp and salmon ceviche. The house-made vinegar served with some of the appetizers was ours to take home in individual bottles; I’m currently dousing everything in it. Thanks for the thoughtful giveaway.


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    The drinks menu boasts the most additions, in my opinion. Bottled cashew milks that come in original, chocolate and coffee varieties. New smoothies named Be Extraordinary and Be Luscious. Dairy free milk teas that, dare I say, are addicting -- Buco Pandan, Matcha and Tarragon. Oh, how can I forget the shrubs! I always learn something new at their launches, last time it was the nanaimo bar for the bakery. A shrub is a zingy libation of fruit and sugar steeped in vinegar. You can count on the wholesome way here, apple cider and honey. I sampled every single refreshment and I’m fanatical about them all.


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    Since travel plans are yet to be confirmed, you’ll realistically locate me here… Until I finally find myself lounging by the pool, or even better -- the beach. 

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