• Hong Kong, Got Juice?

    Food • By Patti Grandidge • 09/02/2017 • 0 comments


    I don’t chase rainbows, I drink them. I’m a huge juice person, I start almost every day with colorful fruits and veggies in liquid form. It must be a lifestyle habit that I picked up from living with my parents and now have continued on my own. Everyone has different health goals but juicing for me is a daily act of self-love. Nourishing myself with vitamins, minerals and enzymes first thing in the morning is my way of telling my body, “I love you long time!


    When traveling, I tend to devour down more than I normally do but I try my best to keep the juice regimen from vanishing. To be fair, it’s becoming easier and easier as juiceries are sprouting up everywhere -- at least where I go… seriously! Case in point: I was just in Hong Kong and I stayed in the Central area walking distance to most of the shopping and dining I wanted to hit for my birthday trip. I didn’t have to step further than 800 meters to find not one, but THREE, different places. Here’s where I spent each morning during my stay, grabbing a different juice from a different spot.



    PRESSED JUICES - 81 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong


    IMG 4340




    BE JUICED - 45 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong


    IMG 4244 




    CATCH JUICERY - 67 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong


    IMG 4341

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