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    Food • By Patti Grandidge • 15/05/2016 • 0 comments

    It’s only appropriate that I commence my appointment as a contributor for Cluster by telling you a little more about myself in the realm of my featured section. 


    As a lifetime lover of food for as long as I can remember, I’ve never forgotten to leave room for dessert. I’m not going out on a limb when I say that I’m content eating like a rabbit (think vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds) for meals and making up for the calories come the third course. Ok, a little exagg but you get it. 

                                                              SweetPattiCakes 050515 9


    Growing up surrounded by my mom’s homemade cooking and baking, it’s no wonder I am keen on different tastes, textures and flavors. Growing up, living throughout Asia and getting to travel the world broadened my culinary horizons even more. By the time I was in college in California, I started a blog to continue my hobby of gastronomical ‘research’. A self-described foodie, I’ve eaten my way through numerous cities around the globe. Some of my favorites are New York, Florence and Hong Kong.  


    When I moved back to Manila after graduation, I took my fascination for cupcakes, which started in Los Angeles, one step further. I started my very own cupcakery, Sweet Patti Cakes (SPC). It began out of my parents’ home kitchen, where I would bake and accept orders for friends and family. Shortly after, word-of-mouth spread around town and I had to hire my first team member.  

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    Our Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter flavor got dubbed ‘crack cakes’ and business progressed from there. I soon had to move out, look for a commissary space and add more people to the company. From baptisms to baby showers, weddings to anniversaries, and all the milestones in between, we found that nobody could resist a box of playfully sweet and utterly enchanting cupcakes. It has been a gratifying journey, weathering the ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur, whilst all throughout truly believing that baking is a celebration and dessert is love.                                    


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    Although people presume that I never gain a pound from handcrafting confections at SPC -lies!- I do tame my sweet tooth with another delight that I am equally enthusiastic about. The health and wellness space balances out the chocoholic in me. I’ve had an itch to join the online community again and I’m ever so pleased to have my food corner here in Cluster where I can share with you my related interests. I do hope you come along, learn a thing or two and get inspired, one bite at a time.



    Photos - Michael Chua

    Styling - Ezra Antonio


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