• PB&J Smoothie

    Food • By Patti Grandidge • 23/03/2017 • 0 comments


    By now, I hope you’re salivating for another summer-ready smoothie recipe. If you tried out the Strawberry Almond Cacao from my previous post, do let me know how it went for you. Since I pledged to give you reasons to be pro healthy blenderized drinks, below are 3 more if you still need convincing.


    1. It’s quick and it’s easy. Making your own smoothie doesn’t take as long, nor is it as complicated, as preparing most healthy meals. You press the button for a nice whiz, and then you’re done… Freeing up your time for other activities.


    2. You have ingredient options galore. The list of leafy greens, tropical fruits and now superfoods you have to work with is ongoing.  Even after that, you can experiment and add spices, herbs, nut butters and whatnot. The possibilities and combinations are endless.


    3. A way to detox. Our body pleads -- and needs! -- for detoxification as we’re exposed to toxins, man-made chemicals and pollution daily. Give your digestive system a break while adding ingredients that aid the body’s detoxifying process, like mint and raspberries.


    On the topic of berries, let me introduce to you my next smoothie. I’m not fooling you when I say this recipe literally tastes like a PB&J sans bread. Do I really need to utter more? It is equally a kid and adult friendly Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie… with a surprise superfood addition.



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