• A Hopeful Holiday

    Home & Design • By Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez • 02/12/2016 • 0 comments


    This year has been quite amusing to me, to say the least. From national and global politics seemingly headed to an entirely different direction and new societal sensibilities emerging, to a more personal scale of new showroom openings (Philux Home and the new Philux Rockwell), moving to a new home, and baby number two on the way, the holidays came at a blink of an eye.


    Little Philux Bunny Lounger


    Little Philux corner at Philux Home 1



    And so, the challenge of holiday shopping, endless parties and get-togethers, on top of more work load and traveling, commence. Time does fly when you're engaged in numerous things while having fun! 


    I think about all the other multitasking women panicking as the holiday approaches and as someone who has ventured into the home and lifestyle business, the creation of a holiday catalog had to be in order. And so we breathed life into the Philux Holiday Catalog which I am delighted to share here:  http://bit.ly/PhiluxCatalog.


    With everything that has been going on in the world, the holidays could not have come at a better time. It is coming at a time when we need to be reminded of what truly matters -- the art of giving, quality time with loved ones, family, and yes, hope. A whole lot of hope. We just have to keep on looking up and never lose sight of the north star.



    Stockton Chair


    Butler Tray





    Stockton Barstool



    Embla Chair


    Copen Shelf Small



    Stockholm Side Tables



    Stockholm Barstool



    Gold home accessories









































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