• A Luxurious Kiwi Retreat

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    It took my husband and I some time to decide on where to go for our honeymoon. We juggled back and forth several ideas -- do we want to go somewhere hot or cold? Discover a city or go somewhere more secluded? Beach or mountains? Make it more of an adventurous trip or a more relaxing one? Finally, we decided we wanted a little bit of everything. And the one thing we were sure about, was that we wanted to explore a new place together. A place neither of us has ever been to but were always curious about. We made a list, narrowed it down, and then narrowed it down some more, until finally we encircled 'NEW ZEALAND’.


    Because of the limited time we had, we decided to explore the south island only, which in itself has so much to offer. Our trip would begin in Christchurch, then we would take the Alpine train and cross the country to a small town called Greymouth, where we would rent a car and drive down to Franz Josef, then head towards Wanaka and end in Queenstown. We had so many places to see and things to do, we made sure to maximise our trip to the fullest. We went on numerous hikes, including one where we took a helicopter and landed on Fox glacier for a 3-hour hiking adventure on ice. We also did an eco walk in Wanaka where we learned about the history of New Zealand, its people, and the animals that now roam its land. All along we stayed in small quaint lodges and charming bed and breakfasts, which made our trip all the more special. 


    But, we saved the best for last. We wanted to make it extra memorable by staying a few nights at the renowned Matakauri Lodge in Queenstown. This was, after all, our honeymoon, a once in a lifetime experience to celebrate the beginning of this exciting new chapter in our lives, so there would be a lot of indulging on this trip! The Matakauri Lodge is situated on Lake Wakatipu, only seven minutes from Queenstown, and has the most spectacular lakeside view I have ever seen. The Main Lodge has twelve luxurious guest rooms and suites, with eight outlying cottages and four suites within the lodge. Each suite offers a private porch, bedroom with sitting area and open fireplace, walk-in wardrobes and a bathroom. All rooms overlook the lake and the mountain panorama. There is also a spa, fitness centre, an infinity pool, and a range of indoor and outdoor dining options.


    I fell in love with the interiors of the lodge as it had a fresh feel to it, with its eclectic furniture and touches of warm vibrant colours. The designer Virginia Fisher played with neutrals and pops of orange, yellow and red. The spaces felt very balanced with the different materials used. The plush upholstered furnishings paired perfectly well with industrial-inspired bronze metal accent walls and aluminium table bases. The exposed beam ceilings are painted white, and the walls tinted in orange which ties all elements nicely together. My favorite spot at Matakauri Lodge was the main area of our suite which had a cozy daybed by the window overlooking Wakatipu lake and the mountains in the horizon. The perfect reading spot. 


    I would definitely recommend New Zealand for all honeymooners who are looking for adventure and some pampering too. It is definitely an unforgettable trip that will awaken all your senses. 



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