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    To me, Africa is a place for the soul. I fell in love with South Africa over 5 years ago during my honeymoon and, since then, make it a point to go yearly with my family. It has become a place that is very close to my heart, not only because my grandmother and father were born there, but because over the years it has become the place for making one of a kind memories for my family. A place that helps me put things in perspective and live the slow life.

    Aside from the enriching safaris, lovely art, culture, people and delicious affordable cuisine, I have come to love South african design. I read through many interior design magazines on my trips and absolutely love their aesthetic. Bright, natural with the perfect harmony of old and new. Being in the furniture business in Manila, I appreciate the use of local materials and South African design does just that - it highlights the natural raw material and puts them together in a contemporary fashion that is so "now". Fuss free and relaxed, these spaces make me want to curl up on a sofa and pull out a book - which doesn't happen often given my schedule! Aside from the beautiful interiors, there is no way around exploring it's jaw-dropping landscapes. Capetown has become one of my favorite cities because the indoor and outdoor come together in perfect aesthetic harmony! I hope you enjoy my inspirations as much as I did on my last visit!


    See my photos below:  




    The indoor outdoor effect - my little Andrea 

    enjoying the terrace and the shade under the boar-bean tree.



    IMG 1389


    Stylish Safari - natural trellis and rattan weave in the Kalahari. 

    The perfect resting place in between drives. 



    IMG 1497


     Found time to visit South African Artist Lionel Smit's studio in Capetown.

    I am a big fan of his work!



    IMG 1592


    Lionel's captivating oil portraits 



    IMG 1618


    Weylandts showroom. Beautifully curated piece from Africa and around the world.



    IMG 1520 

    Visited a beautiful restored house decorated by renowned South African design firm, Cecile & Boyd


    IMG 1527



    IMG 1523



    IMG 1517



    IMG 1734

    The outdoors are just as beautiful as the indoors! 

    Here I am hiking up Lion's Head. 



    IMG 1737

    Signal Hill surround by clouds. A perfect way to 

    spend our last day in Capetown!


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