• Art Fair Philippines 2017

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    Photo: Art Fair Philippines 2017


    The Art Fair Philippines is back for it’s fourth year! And it seems like every time I visit, it just keeps getting better and better. Located at the LINK car park in Ayala Center, The Art Fair Philippines is the most awaited exhibit in the scene of modern and contemporary Philippine art. It also seems to be growing bigger every year, with art enthusiasts from all over Southeast Asia making the trip to view the latest in the local art scene. The exhibit is spread out over three floors of the Link building, containing a large range of works from artists of different periods and backgrounds. Some from the very known Masters and established artists such as Fernando Zobel, Ronald Ventura and Ben Cab, to works from more recent young and rising artists. I love the fact that they also included quite a few interactive installations this year, those that always catch everyone’s attention and curiosity. 


    There are so many stunning and captivating pieces this year, proving that the Filipinos are making their mark and are slowly being recognised in the world of modern and contemporary art. But amongst all these eye catching works, these were the ones that struck me. 



    IMG 4080

    The Oneiric Time Piece by Marc Aran Reyes



    IMG 4078

    The Oneiric Time Piece by Marc Aran Reyes



    IMG 4066

    Sigilo 1 by Raul Castro Camacho



    IMG 4060

    Eternity as Fragments by Lou Lim



    IMG 4081 1

    Cook 111, After Sam Kiyoumarsi, by Elaine Navas



    IMG 4070

    The Membrane series: Heart, by Ross Jaylo



    IMG 4063

    by Andres Barrioquinto



    IMG 4067

    Deco-deconstruction 2017, by Ronald Ventura



    IMG 4065

    Lethal Range, by Marc Arcamo




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