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    Change. It’s a bit of a scary word, isn’t it? It gets us uncomfortable, to get out of our comfort zone. It gets us excited, to experience something new. I have learned during my years of work that change management is one of the most challenging and important things to grasp. Because after all, change is a mindset and not something you can just apply with an on and off switch. Change outside the work environment, however, is something else all together. When it affects your personal life and your emotions, your outlook on change is instantly different.



    When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, my husband Chris and I were overcome with joy. We were thrilled to grow our little family of three to a family of four. More importantly, we were overcome with joy because we would be giving our first born Andrea a little sister. I have always had a strong bond with my sister Jessica, and I had always wished that I would have two girls that would share the ups and downs of sisterhood.



    IMG 5636


    Love 1, 2 and 3 in a photo


    Once the honeymoon phase of the pregnancy was over and reality hit us, things started to literally change. Well, I certainly did not change only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It is a beautiful transformation, but one that many women struggle with. I was tired, irritable, exhausted most of the day and feeling very sick. I knew deep down that it would be all worth it once the baby would make its entrance, but it did seem like it was so far away at the time. Andrea and work kept me busy. We were also preparing for our move to a new home. The extra guest room we had free was going to be the nursery.



    I designed it with white furniture and a bold leopard-inspired wallpaper. I used Andrea’s crib and day bed and added a couple of new pieces from our furniture line. When it all came together I prepared some white picture frames and kept wondering how our family photos would look in them after the baby’s arrival. How would I be as a mom of two? Would I be able to love our second one as much as our first? How would she compare to our little star Andrea? There were admittedly many moments of self doubt and numerous questions I did not have the answer to.




     Arielle's nursery


    On March 16, Arielle Josephine made her entrance. She was the perfect little addition to our family. The whole experience was just as incredible as I remember with my first born Andrea and my heart doubled in size. The sleepless nights were worth every minute I held her in my arms. We felt complete.




    Welcoming Arielle Josephine


    It has been over 8 months since then and I am still adjusting as it has been a balancing act -- juggling work responsibilities, and motherhood is no joke! Some days I feel like a confident supermom, while other days I still question myself and think I am not doing enough. This 2017 has been a blessed and a truly amazing year for me and my family. So, even during the more challenging days, I think of the big picture and remain grateful. A year of change, a year of learning, growth and, more importantly, falling in love all over again.




    CRG 2151


    Climbing Lion’s head Cape Town not knowing I was pregnant




    IMG 3114


    Feeling so sick and nauseous but trying to smile as I treasure beach weekends with these two





    IMG 4140


    Moving out from our first home... it was certainly bittersweet as we shared many special memories here




    IMG 4137


    Bye Bye!



    DSC 3651 web2


    Andrea settled in her new room- furniture by little Philux of course




    IMG 9055


    Our last snowy holiday as a family of three




    IMG 9446


    Pregnancy portrait by BJ Pascual




    IMG 0847






    IMG 1342


    Unconditional love for these two





    IMG 1310


    Our first portrait as a family of four







    Sisterly Love






    Welcoming my sister’s son and my godson Jesse Luca



    IMG 26



    With the new babies of the family - Luca and Arielle




    IMG 9501


    Grateful for my loves... happy holidays!



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