• How To Design A Room For Kids

    Home & Design • By Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez • 16/09/2016 • 0 comments

    Andrea's nursery room 


    Since we move out of our apartment at the end of the month, I thought it would be fitting to write about the favorite room in our home -- the nursery, also known as my little girl's room.
    When I was pregnant with my daughter Andrea, I caught the nesting bug on my final trimester. All I could think of was sorting, organizing and beautifying our home -- most especially our home's nursery. I was given carte blanche by my hubby to design it but still opted to ask someone to assist me as I do believe that even people with an eye for design need to keep an open mind for other ideas and diverging opinions.
    I dreamt of a dainty, cozy, french inspired girls room and started with my favorite neutral palette of blush pink and dove grey. I started plotting the furniture layout, as I think this is the best way to start off as you can locate the large "must-have" pieces of the room.

    Afterwards, I added moldings on the walls to add texture and kept the floors wooden with a large area rug. Window treatment is key to a nursery as blackout curtains help with a baby's sleep. My favorite part was picking out the soft touches, the wallpaper for the bathroom, the room's textured fabrics and a custom frame with Andrea's initials on top of the sofa bed.
    Our kiddie room inspiration from Little Philux, in Philux Home Shangri-La BGC

    If I may give my two cents for decorating a baby's room, please bear in mind the following:


    - Functionality First: Pick your furnishings wisely. Each piece should look good but most importantly serve a purpose. The crib, changing table station and glider, are key furniture pieces for newborns. I have managed to keep all of them as Andrea grew from baby to full fledged toddler because I converted the crib into a child's bed and the changing station to a storage cabinet with an aquarium on top. Picking out pieces that can "grow" with you child is very helpful and cost effective.


    - Storage: I cannot stress enough the importance of storage, which you will need more and more as your baby grows into a child. Keep in mind space-saving and clever storage pieces when you go furniture shopping. My most versatile piece in the room is the sofa bed with storage drawers beneath.


    - Stick to the basics: I believe in starting with a blank canvas and building it up in time by adding accents, mementos and picture frames from precious memories made with your kiddo. A picture-perfect nursery or kids room is not necessary in the very beginning, it is the memories that you make that turn the room into a happy place filled with love.  


    As I embark on this new adventure, I am trying to keep positive vibes to make the move as smooth and stress free as possible! I look forward to sharing my experience with you in the next couple of articles. And while I know I will miss our first family's apartment so much, I plan to transfer into our new place and bring as much love, soul and warmth into our new home. 


    I will also update you on how Andrea's first nursery is being converted to a little girls room... How bittersweet. 


    Wish me luck!

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