• Inviting a Perpetual Summer into Your Home

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    Summer is officially over, at least on this side of the world! And while we gear up for the rainy days, we all yearn for those little hints and daily doses of summer.


    Being part Filipino and part Swiss, I love seeing glistening snow caps, as much as feeling sand between my toes. Living in the Philippines, however, somehow leaves a natural longing for a perpetual summer. And while we constantly can not experience it outdoors, there is always room to do so indoors! Here are a few ideas to invite more vibrancy into your home.


    There are a couple of simple techniques, and one thing to always remember is to keep it light, bright, and fun!


    Master the mood board. The first step is creating a mood board as this will serve as your guide all throughout the creative and technical processes. Have a general theme in mind so you do not end up getting random things that eventually do not go well together. You also do not want your house to look like it has overdosed in Vitamin D so always match your colors and prints with neutrals that allow certain pieces to pop.





    Stockholm 3 Seater in Ash wood natural finish and Jules Pansu pillows




    Go green. Just like what my sister Jessica said on her previous post, plants can often make a home feel warmer. Bring life and nature indoors! It can really make a difference in an area and make it feel bigger and homier. There are many plants that fit well indoors and last long. It can be as grand as a vertical garden or as subtle as succulents and orchids placed in the key spaces of your home. My personal preference is to add an orchid in my bedroom as it is a soothing space that I spend quite some time in. Make sure to use statement pots to highlight the flowers and greens.




    phil 3



    Succulent Pot in Ash wood and Orchid Pot in Meranti Honey Coffee



    Color is power. Give your space a pop of color. This can be done through having bright furniture, home decor, paintings, or any other interesting work of art.  






    The Fulton Chair in Brass Metal Finish and Jules Pansu's Femme Assise a la Robe Bleue II (1949)




    Prints on prints on prints. Be bold and never say no to prints on prints. With the right contrast of color and textures, most of the time, they do work… in small quantities!








    Gaucho Chair in Argentine cowhide and brass metal legs ( Solenn x Philux collection) with a Jules Pansu pillow




    Finishing Touches. Thrown in a couple of statement pieces to add character to your space. It can range from rugs, lamps, and baskets to sculptures and art pieces that tell a story. Luckily for Manila residents, there are a number of brands that carry beautiful home accessories sourced both locally and abroad. Go ahead and have fun mixing and matching the classics, the contemporary, the bold, the sentimental, and whatever ultimately feels like home. 








    Abaca rugs (swatches) in various designs and patterns.

    These are crafted by the people of Albay, Philippines. 







    Figuras statement pieces







    Gold Starburst statement piece. 

    A sharp contrast to the side tables in Ash wood, natural finish






    Marble pieces from Romblon, Philippines 







    Small Bird's Nest Shadow Lamp and Lala Uno Hanging Lamp

    crafted by a group of weavers in Manapla, Negros

    that preserves Old World weaving traditions.






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