• With Gratitude, Launching Our New "Home"

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    When I think construction, I feel excitement and a bit of fear.


    When Jessica and I decided to develop our new concept Philux Home over a year ago, I felt the same thing.  My heart started racing because of the numerous ideas and plans I had; however, deep down, I was also worried sick about all the humps along the way while making our passion project happen.


    Here we are, one year later, opening our showroom. It was designed by us, project managed by us, and each piece in the showroom sourced by us.


    I still feel excitement and fear because of the risk involved; however, I also feel immense gratitude. Gratitude towards my parents who allowed us to make this happen and steer our own course; gratitude towards the people who guided and supported us; and most importantly, gratitude towards Jessica, my partner, and the Philux team of young driven individuals who are equally as passionate about the project as we are.


    Below are some photos of the construction experience (we had are ups and downs!)  and the vision behind Philux Home.


    I hope to see you in our new space!



    Construction 2


    PHILUX began as a passionate endeavor by it's founders incited by their love for country,fascination for local Philippine materials and a commitment to excellent quality. The creation of every furniture piece is inspired by the preservation of age old milling and assembly techniques using sustainable woods, clamps and dowels. The process is slower but more intricate and methodical. From two carpenters, PHILUX has grown into a hundred person team and is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers in the Philippines today.  




    Construction 5




     Philux Home Board Up3


    PHILUX HOME is a lifestyle showroom that blends curated accessories for the home with PHILUX’S furniture pieces. made from locally sourced materials that are mostly manufactured by hand, PHILUX HOME showcases meticulously made furniture and decor, embroidered textiles, scents, paintings and it's first line of furniture for kids.  


    PHILUX HOME is PHILUX evolving into a more inclusive and more collaborative  brand by working with Filipino artists and artisans who share the same reverence for design and craftsmanship. PHILUX HOME envisions to refine one Filipino home at a time through authentic pieces that are luxury within reach. 


    Through this new venture, PHILUX HOME is Philux's testament to being a dynamic and inspired brand that renders itself relevant in contemporary times while remaining true to it's history and heritage of fine quality furniture making spanning three decades and beyond.



    IMG 0405



    IMG 0403



    IMG 0402



    IMG 0401



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