• Little Philux, Little Arielle

    Home & Design • By Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez • 14/04/2017 • 0 comments


    I have just given birth while writing this!


    Quite overwhelmed and a bit tired but could not be anymore inspired to write this piece as I recently welcomed my second daughter, Arielle.


    Birth is such a beautiful milestone, as well as every preparation that goes with it. From readying yourself physically, mentally and emotionally; slowly making my eldest, Andrea, understand and prepare herself to become a big sister; with the essentials -- clothes, crib, baby bottles, baby carriage; and putting together the nursery.


    Why, of course, the nursery. The very space by which many things will transpire: the first steps, diaper changes, play time, bedtime stories, sleepless nights and the endless laughter that makes them all worth it.


    To provide a stylish space that’s safe and functional for your baby should be a fun and fulfilling experience. I personally love interiors and design as I grew up being exposed to them. It’s almost like second nature to me. However, I am aware that it can be quite a challenge for some moms, especially the rookies!


    I recently moved into a new apartment and found myself having to furnish two kiddie rooms -- one for a growing toddler and another for a baby on the way -- and I had the time of my life!


    Here’s my version of an ode to mothers who want nothing but to provide the most ideal space for their kids:  



    Baby Steps to Furnishing a Baby’s Room:


    1. Choose a theme and color palette

    To avoid getting overwhelmed and end up buying things that don’t match and work together. For Andrea’s room, I kept the pink and grey color palette as I wanted to reuse some pieces from her nursery. It’s a girly girl’s room with subtle feminine touches. Arielle’s, on the other hand, is something more experimental. I went for a strong wall paper, a watercolor-type leopard print! To balance it out, I kept everything else white and neutral. This room clearly shows our family’s love for Africa and Safari!



    DSC 3623


    Arielle’s nursery




    DSC 3634


    Andrea’s little girl’s room



    2. Basics first

    Start with your must-haves: a crib, a changing table, a lounge chair for comfortable breastfeeding and adorable but functional storage pieces to avoid clutter. Since I was having another girl, I didn’t want to shop for another crib and dresser. I made sure to work around pieces I already had. Sometimes, you can reuse an older piece and just freshen it by having it’s color or fabric changed, this saves on time and cost.



    DSC 3692


    Andrea’s big girl bed and night table with storage




    DSC 3680 5


    A sofa bed is an important piece in a kiddie room.

    I added a trundle here for when Andrea wants sleepovers in her big girl’s room.



    DSC 3600

    Arielle’s Safari-themed nursery.

    Featuring the Sebi Rocker and Ottoman with a leopard pillow.



    3. Accessorize

    Once the basics are in place, have fun picking out items and accessories that make the space more in theme. I am a believer in letting a space breathe and living in it first before filling it with decor and accessories. Many times, I pick out accessories during travel as it becomes more meaningful as there is a story behind it. For Arielle’s room, I waited until we had family photographs taken after her birth and framed a couple to adorn the walls. Remember that in no time, with every birthday, Christmas and kiddie party, things accumulate and space becomes scarce. Keep the accessories minimal and work on spring cleanings every year. I make it a point to have Andrea pick out toys and accessories she wants to donate every year.



    Little Philux Cubby


    Little Philux Cubby Storage and baskets with crocheted stuffed animals



    Nuage Lamps Oxygen


    Nuage Lamps made of fine bone china




    DSC 3646

    This teepee encourages imagination!



    DSC 3666


    The Cloud Table and Chairs make the room more whimsical!




    DSC 3611


    Playful prints for these Pouf Ottomans and Foot Stools



    4. Safety First

    Above all, however, is making sure the space is as child-proof, as possible. No sharp edges and too many fragile things lying around. I make sure to keep all tall furniture like bookshelves and standing mirrors fixed on the wall. I also recently discovered Blink camera system which helps moms on-the-go check on their little ones through their phone. While I don’t consider myself a helicopter Mom, checking up on them from time to time gives me peace of mind when working and running errands!







    Furniture pieces and Accessories are available at Philux.

    Photos from: Denison Tan