• Love That Grows

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    Everyone will experience different kinds of love all throughout their lives. As a child, your first experience of love is the love you have for your parents. It’s the first time in your life that you feel that kind of attachment and dependability for someone. And then, as you grow up and go through the different stages of your life, you will experience other types of love -- for other people, places and things. All forms of love are special in their own way, but the love I felt when I met my son for the first time was truly unlike any other.



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    I was told by mommy friends that it would be a special bond especially because it was a boy, but I was not expecting the emotional attachment I would feel a few weeks into it. Yes, “a few weeks”, because although I did already care for him when I was pregnant with him, it was really only once I started spending time with him and got to know him better that I truly fell in love with my son. It was not a love at first sight situation, it’s a love that grew and is still growing every day. Each day that passes, I notice something different about him physically. Everyday, I discover a little bit more about his personality. Everyday, I fall a little bit more in love.



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    With newborn babies it’s pretty much a one-way relationship. You give and give and give and you don’t get very much in return. But the moment you get that first smile back, or that first giggle, that’s when you feel your heart growing and the bond gets stronger. It’s amazing how quickly babies grow... so my advice for all moms-to-be would be to savor every minute of the baby phase. Because it really is a wonderful bonding phase between a mother and baby and it goes by so quickly.



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    Luca is now 6 months old, and I couldn’t feel more blessed. I’m loving him more and more everyday, unconditionally.



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