• My Story: Furniture-Making in Manila

    Home & Design • By Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez • 01/06/2016 • 0 comments

    Furniture making is in our blood. As little girls, Jessica and I used to accompany our mother Zelda to Philux's retail showrooms, while we would visit our dad Max in the factory. It became normal for us to enter spaces and observe the nitty gritty details of construction, form and function. We were then given the opportunity to pursue studies abroad, and off we went. 


     1 Steph Jess Philux Factory 90s


    While I studied economics in New York and Paris and marketing in London, Jessica studied the arts in Paris and New York. The experiences abroad in these wonderful dynamic cities broadened our perspective and appreciation for arts, design and architecture. Funnily though, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree; eventually, we found ourselves wanting to make our way back home once we ended our studies and short work stints abroad.


    Why Manila? Because the Philippines is home and this is where we want to apply what we had learned. Manila is where we want to flourish. Manila is where we want to learn from our carpenters, train employees in administration and retail and, furthermore, give jobs to deserving people.

     3 Filipino craftsmanship5

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    It has been an exciting roller coaster ride these last 6 years in business, continuing what our entrepreneurial parents have started. We have our wins and setbacks, but it is great to be back home doing what we are passionate about and it feels good to make a difference in our own little way, one piece of furniture at a time.


      5 JK SKG Picture PHOTO by Shaira Luna for Preview Magazine6     6 Scandiniana Poster Embla Chair in Ash wood5     


    Home and design doesn't end at Philux for us, as newly married Jessica is moving to her new apartment and so am I. Our eyes are peeled for the latest furniture trends, art and interior inspirations.


    We look forward to sharing our stories, experiences and finds with you.







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