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    “Philux, 37 years ago, started as a mom-and-pop business in the backyard of my mother’s’ ancestral home with two skilled carpenters creating rattan furniture,” shares Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez, Philux’s head of sales and business development and eldest daughter of Max and Zelda Kienle, founder of the furniture company. “This is very telling of how personal the business is to us and how deeply passionate we are about Filipino craftsmanship and local furniture making. We are now a growing team and our vision is for our clients to feel the same way when choosing and owning a Philux piece. That the experience is personal and that furniture can be more than just mere objects.”


    This is the context by which Philux Fix, the brand’s latest campaign, was founded. Philux Fix is a furniture and photo exhibit showcasing the versatility and ingenuity of Philux’s all Filipino craftsmen through the creation of customized, high-quality furniture pieces that are distinctly its clients’. For this campaign, Philux collaborated with influencers of different backgrounds to customize furniture of their choosing, while infusing their own sense of aesthetics.


    “We selected people, most of which are friends, to collaborate with us.  We asked them to choose an existing Philux piece and customize it according to their needs, taste and preference,” says Jessica Kienle Maxwell, head designer and youngest of the Kienle sister duo. “They are a good mix of different personalities, career paths, and different tastes so it has been such a creative and exciting experience for us and for them,” she adds.


    Design collaborators include top photographer BJ Pascual who designed his own piece, as well as photographed all the other collaborators with their chosen furniture. BJ had photos he took on a trip to New York printed on his Fulton chairs. Actress and artist Heart Evangelista Escudero, whose artwork on Birkin bags got everyone raving, opted to paint on her chosen Philux Polk chair and added embellishments, “it’s my first time to work on furniture so this is quite new to me and i love it!” Erwan Heussaff, on the other hand, went for a simpler piece stating, “I'm all about understated elegance. I’m not too showy so this Embla chair is just perfect.”


    “Majority of our clientele used to be older and more traditional since the classic designs by my dad very much appealed to them,” says Jessica. When she began heading the design department four years ago, she created more contemporary pieces and the brand introduced more wood and fabric selections. With both her and Stephanie at the helm, Philux is slowly being embraced by even the more experimental. The ever-vibrant Tessa Prieto Valdes says she opted for a burst of color and texture on her Mason wing back chair. “This chair is so me! I selected a few rich fabrics from Philux and everything just blended together,” Tessa adds.


    For the more sentimental, like new mom Bianca Gonzalez Intal, actual hand prints of her, her husband’s and baby Lucia’s were printed on her Marquis Meridienne. “It’s going to be placed in our play room. We wanted something very comfortable and to immortalize how little Lucia is right now, thus the hand print. It’s a nice thing to look back to when she is older. It’s really a family piece.”


    Stephanie explains that Philux clients can indeed semi-customize their furniture by choosing from an in house selection of wood, wood finish, fabrics, and accents such as mattings, handles, and glass tops.  “At the end of a hard day’s work, we ultimately want the passion to come full circle. From my parents who are founders of this brand, my sister and I who are growing it further, our great team, and ultimately to our valued clients.”


    Other Philux fix design collaborators include Karen Davila, Chris Tiu, Stephanie Zubiri Crespi’ and her sons Sebastian and Maximilian, Joey and Angie King, Pam Quiñones, Cristalle Belo Pitt and Justin Pitt, and Jessica and Stephanie.


    The Philux Fix furniture pieces may be ordered for a limited quantity.





    Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez and Jessica Kienle Maxwell




    Jessica Kienle Maxwells Sutter Commode




    Stephanie Kienle Gonzalezs Sutter Commode

    Angie and Joey King2





    Joey Angie Kings Valencia Day Bed2




    Bianca Gonzalez Intal




    Bianca Gonzalez Intals Marquis Meridienne




    BJ Pascual






    Cristalle and Justin Pitt




    Cristalle and Justin Pitts Rizal Bar Cabinet




    Erwan Heussaff





    Heart Evangelista




    Heart Evangelistas Polk Chair




    Karen Davila





    Pam Quinones




    Pam Quinones Stockholm 3 Seater




    Stephanie Sebi and Maxi Zubiri Crespi




    Stephanie Sebi and Maxi Zubiri Crespis Mini Sutter Chairs




    Tessa Prieto Valdes




    Tessa Prieto Valdes Mason Wingback Chair












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