• Scandiniana: Simple Yet Functional Design

    Home & Design • By Jessica Kienle Maxwell • 01/06/2016 • 0 comments

    Scandinavia. Filipiniana. We merged the two words and created ‘Scandiniana’. What exactly IS Scandiniana? It is Philux’s latest collection that was launched earlier this year, inspired by mid-century Scandinavian lines combined with a touch of the Filipino culture.   

    During my studies I developed a great admiration for Scandinavian design and the philosophy behind it. Besides the fact that I essentially grew up in the environment of furniture making, it was also the works of Danish master designers such as Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen that inspired me to pursue furniture design as a career. The idea of creating a piece that was so simple, minimal yet functional, stuck with me. It has given me so much inspiration and has been the backbone and philosophy of my own design process today. Wood was also an important factor in Scandinavian design as it is a material that is revered for its natural beauty and ability to be shaped and worked into any kind of size, shape and form. Countless iconic designs have emerged from this movement, and it’s no wonder these classics are still being reinvented and reproduced to this day.  















    For this year’s collection, I wanted to come up with our own version of the Scandinavian look, but with a twist. One thing both cultures have in common is their respect and use of their natural resources. I felt that some of our natural indigenous materials would marry nicely with this particular style of design. So I experimented, and several prototypes later came up with a few pieces I thought represented both cultures well. In Scandiniana you will notice some important elements of scandinavian design such as the use of solid wood, the rounded tapered legs, the curved corners and edges, the comfort and the functionality of the piece. The Filipino elements are seen in the accents of woven leaves and fibers (abaca, raffia, and saguran) on the drawer faces, cabinet doors panels, as well as being the main accent material for the back frame of a chair. As we do with all of our collections, every Philux piece is considered a custom-made piece as clients get to choose what type of wood, finish, and fabric they want their piece to come in. Scandiniana is now available in all of our showrooms. For more information on Scandiniana, please visit our website www.philux.ph or email us directly at sales@philux.ph ​​​​







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