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     Breathtaking Angkor Wat, right before the thunderstorm!




    We planned this family getaway for us three, just so that we can enjoy quality time before baby number two arrives. A bit of adventure, a bit of culture, a bit of relaxation! We wanted something rustic yet chic, a place to wind down away from the crowds after a hot day of temple-watching. Siem Reap is filled with all kinds of places for all kinds of travellers! From backpacker joints to 5-star resorts, this small ancient city has it all. While I have visited before, we haven't gone as a family. I had forgotten how impressive the arrival was -- the airport is modern yet beaming with Khmer architecture. We arrived at night and therefore couldn't see much; however, waking up with the sunrise was the ultimate treat. I found myself surrounded by rice paddies in a small village-like resort surrounded by traditional homes on stilts. While the sun gleamed on the greenery, I was instantly on holiday mode!


    All the details of understated yet super chic Phum Baitang were on point. The breakfast spread, rustic furniture and simple, yet well-curated natural decor made for the best stay. The powerful beauty of the temples in Angkor were arresting, but I found my peace back in our resort, enjoying the stillness, the interiors and nature. Below are some of my favorite design sightings from this unforgettable trip.



    I'd like to thank Cantik Travel for organizing this holiday for us! 



    All photos taken by me and Christian (my husband) on iPhone or Nikon D4 SLR.




    IMG 5298


    Wood, on wood, on wood -- yet it all works!



    IMG 5296


    I love the neutral palette of this swimming pool area -- it fits in

    perfectly with the greenery and the blue sky.



    IMG 5271


    The South Library off Angkor Wat.



    IMG 5266


    Bayon temple's ornate carvings and faces.



    IMG 5257


    Surrounded by rice paddies; enjoying quality time with Andrea.



    IMG 5209


    Traditional style Khmer architecture with modern pool amenities.



    IMG 5121


    I love the use of wood paneling here; smart designand functional too.



    IMG 5110


    I am a big fan of weave, and these chairs fit beautifully

    with the lanai type breakfast dining area.



    IMG 5105


    My kind of breakfast spread -- the placemats, serving ware and jars make for a rustic chic dining experience.



    IMG 5099

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