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    Home & Design • By Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez • 21/10/2016 • 0 comments


    I have had the privilege of spending some time in Solaire Resort as of late. The marble floors, scintillating chandeliers and lush landscape makes for quite an extravagant space, one that makes you feel far away from Manila.  


    While the opulence takes much of your attention at first glance, pay closer attention to what hangs on the walls or stands in the halls and you will appreciate not only the beauty of the interiors, but also the wide range of Filipino art showcased all around the casino floor, restaurants and hotel.


    As I explored the grounds, I discovered a great selection of works from masters to younger artists, in many different forms -- oil on canvas, photographs, resin and sculpture. I even stumbled upon a photography exhibit by the shoppes esplanade, which made me want to explore more of the Philippine outdoors.


    Who knew that the excitement of a casino would be more than gaming and eating!


    Here are my favorite finds...


    IMG 4447




    Jana Benitez's large oil on canvas works are found throughout the lobby floor.. this one is my favorite!




    IMG 4405




    National artist Bencab's Sabel sculptures grace the restaurant hall.




    IMG 4403




    Andrea enjoying Bencab's colorful Sabel sculpture in front of Waterside café.




    IMG 4664





     An exhibit entitled "Lifescapes and Landscapes" by travel photographer Rhonson Ng.




    IMG 4665





    Another photography exhibit curated by the Camera Club of the Philippines.




    Yakumi Shot D 01a





    Tom Epperson's large scale work clads the wall of Yakumi restaurant.




    The Wellness Center




    Tom Epperson photography in the Wellness Center.




    Red Lantern Shot B 01a




    Tom Epperson works complete the modern chinoiserie design of Red Lantern restaurant.








    Tom Epperson's "Smoke".



    IMG 4338





     Tata Montilla art in Solaire Sky Tower.


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