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    It is when I lived and interned for a interior design firm Pierce Allen in New York City that I discovered my love of fabrics. I couldn't understand why designers would attribute so much importance to them; that is until I visited and pulled out fabrics from the showrooms in the Design Center. I was completely blown away. The countless color palettes, prints, textures made me realize how fabric stores to designers were equivalent to candy stores for kids!  The selection was unreal and would unlock any creative block a designer would have.



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    Since then, I've been a big fan of textile, so much that fabrics and wallpapers tend to dictate the direction I want to go when I design a space. They can make or break a room and can also cost a fortune; thus, it is important to choose them wisely. A small velvet touch, contrast piping or a one-sided embroidered pillow are the details that turn an average space into a beautifully designed one.



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    Since I am in the middle of a housing move, the fabric hunting has begun! Here, I thought I would share some of my favorite fabric showrooms in Manila for those of you who want to get lost in the amazing world of textile! 


    The Old School Classics
    Larry's, Shell Canvas and Townes - must have time to search through many different fabrics. They all offer upholstery and drapery fabrics, from traditional to more contemporary designs


    Studio 11 Fabrics


    For well curated fabrics and wallpapers that are not necessarily "branded". Good selection, good value. More on the modern side.


    Haute Fabrics




    A designer's dream with the best brands such as Pierre Frey, Manuel Canovas, Armani Casa, etc. However price points can be painful. Choose wisely and watch out for their bodega sales!


    My recent "haute" finds at the Elements' bodega sale:


    IMG 3807



    IMG 2925



    IMG 2921




    IMG 2917



    IMG 2916



    IMG 2918
























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