• 5 Skincare Tips for Men

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    I’ve never really been too bothered about taking care of my skin until recently. I used to just use shower gel or regular soap to wash my face, I didn’t know what creams to use and I rarely used sunblock. I know this is the same story for a lot of my male friends.


    For the past 7 months I’ve been seeing Arnel Quiambao, M.D. at the Dr CRB Clinic in the Fort, and he gave me 5 tips to improve my skincare:


    Tip 1: Exfoliate to help your skin look smoother and fresher


    Use a small, clean, wet towel and lightly scrub your face. This will remove dry skin and dirt. It will also help prevent ingrown hairs in your facial hair.


    Tip 2: Wash your face regularly with a good cleanser


    Using a good cleanser will remove oils, dirt and other unwanted impurities. Do this morning, night and whenever your face feels dirty. Having a clean face will also make it easier for your moisturiser to penetrate the skin properly.


    Tip 3: Keep your skin supple by dabbing on a moisturiser


    Moisturising will keep your skin nicely hydrated as well as replace the natural barriers washed away during exfoliating and cleansing.


    Tip 4: Apply sunscreen everyday


    Sunscreen will protect your from harmful rays, skin discolouration and will also slow down the development of wrinkled/aged skin.


    Tip 5: Gulp down a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated


    Drink plenty of water to replace the water lost throughout the day. This will prevent dry, flakey and tight skin which is more susceptible to wrinkles.


    An added tip from me would be to be consistent. I found that improvements in skin don’t come overnight. You have to stick it out for a few months before you start seeing results. Be religious with your routine, don’t skip it at night just because you’re tired. It only takes a few minutes and it really does help!


    I’m not saying I have perfect skin, but it has improved dramatically over the course of my visits to Dr CRB! I have smaller pores, I’m less oily and I now rarely break out. A few people have even asked me if i’m wearing make-up!! haha


    Thank you Dr Arnel Quiambao for the info!


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