• 50 Ways To Improve Yourself

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    I asked my friends to give me quick-fire points on ways you can improve/enrich your daily life.



    Here is what they came up with:


    1. Drink More Water


    Aside from all the health benefits from staying hydrated, you will also feel more alert and centred. Tip: Keep a bottle of water with you at all times to encourage yourself to drink more.


    2. Wear a Neck Tie just because


    Wear a smart shirt and neck tie because it looks good. If you look good, you will feel good, and it gives the impression that you made an effort.


    3. Hold the door open for a stranger


    This should be obvious but I've seen people forget their manners.


    4. Always be on time


    Forget ‘Filipino Time’ and turn up 15 minutes early.


    5. Buy a gift for a friend or loved one


    Surprise someone with some chocolates, flowers or another token of appreciation.


    6. Balance your time better


    Find the right balance between your work, family, and social life. Manage your time well; it will result in healthier and happier relationships! (Of course, this is easier said than done)


    7. Wake up early


    Get a head start and wake up early. This will give you more time throughout the day to get things done.


    8. Sleep early


    When I was growing up, my dad would always say ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’.  


    9. Meditate


    Take 10 minutes out of your day to gather your thoughts and think positively.


    10. Work out everyday


    Dedicate 30 minutes every day to exercise, whether it’s a walk, jog, or push-ups in your bedroom.


    11. Go on a late-night walk


    I like doing this. It is an effective way to gather your thoughts and process your day. Personally, I find it therapeutic and helps me sleep.


    12. Stay in touch with your friends


    Don’t just be ‘Facebook Friends’. Why not message someone you haven't seen for a while and check up on them to see how they are doing?


    13. Get involved in charity work


    You may not always be able to give money, but you can donate your time. I recently helped pack relief goods for victims of a recent typhoon here in Philippines. It felt good to give back, and the experience has inspired me to do more in the future.


    14. Compliment people


    If you notice that someone is wearing a stylish outfit, or has great hair, tell them. Don't keep it to yourself.


    15. Don’t bitch about people


    If you have to talk about someone, only talk about their positives.


    16. Add Lemon, Cucumber & Mint to your water


    I sometimes infuse my water with the above ingredients. This recipe cleanses the body, helps with digestion and settles your stomach.


    17. Shine your shoes


    Aside from preserving your shoes, shining them will also make them look good and in turn, make you feel good.


    18. Keep your house/apartment/room clutter-free


    Don’t be a hoarder. Get rid of anything unnecessary, such as old clothes, boxes, and empty out your junk drawer. This can be a tedious and exhausting process (physically and emotionally), but completely worth it in the end.


    19. Share videos that make you laugh or smile


    If you see an inspiring or funny video, send it to a friend and/or share it with others.


    20. Order a vegetarian meal on the menu


    Why not try a vegetarian meal? This can only benefit you.


    21. Keep your phone in your pocket!


    Do not check your phone at the dinner table or when in the middle of a conversation with someone.


    22. Get to know your work colleagues


    You see these people every day, so you really should make an effort to know them. Invite them to dinner or for casual drinks. If there is someone new to the office, show them around and help them feel more involved.


    23. Read more


    Dedicate some time everyday to reading. This stimulates your brain, and can also greatly improve your vocabulary.


    24. Pick up a new hobby


    Try something new and stick to it. Examples include yoga, boxing, badminton, singing, learn guitar etc.


    25. Get out of your comfort zone


    Test yourself and try to overcome your fears. Sing Karaoke, try your hand at public speaking etc.


    26. Accept when you're wrong


    Know when you're wrong and admit it. This doesn't show weakness, but instead, demonstrates emotional strength and maturity.


    27.Stick to your To-Do lists


    Write To-Do lists and stick to them! It is immensely gratifying to check things off once they're done.


    28. Ask people for their feedback


    In most cases, it helps to hear out the opinions of others. Ask your friends and family for their feedback on your business ideas, homework, presentations etc.


    29. Learn from the people who inspire you


    Whether you are inspired by someone famous or someone close to you, make a note of their positive and admirable attributes and implement them in to your life.


    30. Avoid negative people


    If there is someone negative in your life (maybe they hold you back, make jokes about you or are skeptical about your ideas) it may be best to keep them at arm’s length. It is possibly to do so without being rude. It is crucial to keep positive people around you.


    31. Take more photos or videos


    Document your life and make an effort to capture precious, memorable moments. I recently made a 1-minute video, which was compiled from 2-second shots taken every day for a month. This allowed me to look back at what I did and achieved for that month and immortalized incredible memories. I highly recommend you give this a try, at least once.


    32. Start a side business


    Set up a small business, something that you are passionate about. It doesn't have to be your million-dollar idea, but, at the very least, it could teach you the basics in business.


    33. Ask about other people before talking about yourself


    People love talking about themselves, so ask away!


    34. Look for ways to be one step ahead


    I like to look at ways of being one step ahead. A few things I like to do: complete my first job/task before 8am (e.g. compose my first email response), start my diet months before an important photo shoot, work out on Sunday, etc. Most people say ‘diet starts Monday’. Well, why not be one step ahead and start on Sunday?


    35. Make a budget


    One of my close friends is a pro at managing his money.  Work out your monthly earnings and figure out your budget. This is the best way to save.


    36. Lean how to cook


    Learn how to cook new things. There are millions of recipes on Google and YouTube, so why not learn a new skill and educate yourself on what you are putting in your body?


    37. Take cold showers


    If you can! This will definitely wake you up and improve your hair, skin and blood circulation.


    38. Pick up trash


    I think it is disgraceful when people litter and it certainly shouldn't be anyone else’s job to pick it up. But, if you see an empty soda can or potato chip packet lying around, chuck it in the bin. At least you are doing the right thing.


    39. Always remember people’s names


    This can be difficult but make an extra effort to learn people’s names. This will pay off in the long run.


    40. Learn another language


    My biggest regret from school is not taking my language classes seriously. How awesome is it when you meet people who are bi- or multilingual? It is never too late to learn, so take a class (or download Rosetta Stone!) and connect with more people around the world.


    41. Treat yourself


    Reward yourself from time to time. Say you have your eyes on a pair of sneakers. Tell yourself you can buy them once you've achieved one of your goals. i.e. worked out regularly for a month, avoided fast food for a month, finished 5 books etc. 


    42. Socialize more


    I don’t mean going out and getting smashed. I mean surrounding yourself with interesting people and learning from them. This can be over a few casual drinks or even over coffee/tea.


    43. Talk more openly


    Sometimes it is nice to get things off your chest.  It can neutralise your mind and give you closure/catharsis. Ask for advice from your family and close friends. When done correctly, this can strengthen your bond.


    44. Set goals and achieve them


    Write down achievable goals and go out and smash them.


    45. Give thanks


    Always, always, always be thankful. I don't think this is done enough. When you are invited to a friend’s house for a meal or party, send them a text expressing your gratitude once you get home. It is basic manners.


    46. Watch TED Talks to inspire yourself


    TED Talks are awesome if you want a dose of inspiration, and their YouTube channel has an infinite range of topics. My personal favourite is the talk by world-famous magician, David Blaine. You should check it out!


    47. Ask questions


    Ask why? what? how? Figure out how things work and don’t stop asking questions until you have gained a deeper understanding.


    48. Leave hand-written notes


    If you are popping out of the house, write a quick note to your loved ones to let them know what you are doing. Nowadays it’s so easy to text or leave a voice message, but the extra effort in writing a note by hand will give you brownie points for sure!


    49. Apologise and mean it


    If you are in the wrong, admit it and apologise sincerely. This will help with forgiveness and aid in moving forward.


    50. Be reliable


    This is a good one. Be there for your friends and family. Make an effort to attend your loved ones’ important events. Be the guy who keeps his word and on whom others can always depend.



    Well, I hope you enjoyed this list! Even if you apply just 1 or 2 of these points and subsequently improve your day-to-day, then I will be a happy man!



    Let me know what you guys do to better yourselves also :)

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