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    At the moment, I’m a little obsessed with finding fun day trips out of Manila. Treks, beach trips or historical trips, I’m open to anything! Let me know if you have any recommendations.

    Anyway, I recently took a trip to Laiya in Batangas for a fun day on the beach.


    Here are my beach essentials:





    IMG 2490





    Firstly, you need a good backpack. I was sent this one by @explorers_ph, owned by my friend, Christian. I have dragged it up mountains, thrown it in rivers and taken it all over the world. It has never let me down and is still going strong. It is the perfect size and is of substantial quality.







    IMG 2479





    Sunblock is very important at the beach. Even when it is not extremely hot/sunny, you need to be protected from the harmful UV rays. I opted for oil rather than cream, as it seems to more readily absorb into the skin and doesn’t leave that white film.








    IMG 2464





    In my opinion, the aviator style suits everyone. I picked these up from Bench for around P250. They’re excellent and come with a good quality hard case. Expensive brands aren’t a big deal to me, especially because sunglasses could easily get damaged or lost on the beach.









    IMG 2369





    I bought these Havaianas in Australia about 6 years ago and they have never let me down. They are good quality and are comfortable. What more do you need from flip flops?








    IMG 7902






    I always go for bright, bold colours: blue, pink, red etc. I also like to wear matching underwear underneath, so if the shorts do come down slightly they don’t look out of place.








    IMG 2465





    If you are at the beach to chill rather than engage in a load of activities, you need a good book. I am currently reading ‘Shoe Dog’, the autobiography of Phil Knight, Nike’s founder. I highly recommend it so far. Let me know if you want me to write a more in-depth review.









    IMG 2375



    My current favourite beach gadget is the GoPro Hero 5, but any underwater camera will do. A water proof case for your phone is another option. You can take some cool shots underwater and not worry about sand damage. I like to take lots of photos and videos that I can look back on in future years.





    Hair Wax




    IMG 2474




    If you are taking a break from swimming and want to chill on the beach for a while, towel dry your hair and stick some wax on there to keep it in place. I use this from Bench Fix and I found this small container perfect for travel.








    IMG 2364





    Always keep hydrated! You don’t realize how much water you lose while swimming and playing on the beach.




    Dogs (Optional)



    IMG 2453




    Look at us posers! I just stuck this in for a bit of fun, but we all had a great time!


    To see more from our trip to the beach you can check my vlog from that day here:





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