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    If you think you've found that someone special and want to take them out on a memorable date rather than just dinner or drinks, this list can give you some inspiration:




    This is a really simple but effective idea. Pick a mall that has a decent sized arcade or bowling alley, load up a card and just get playing. You can get to know each other while strolling around, playing basketball, shooting games, racing games etc. If you're feeling confident, go in the karaoke booth and make a fool of yourself! If you decide to go bowling, book ahead to ensure you get a lane.


    Pros: Malls are easy to get to; there is always a food court and plenty of restaurants nearby; cheap.

    Cons: Weekends could be busy; you may run in to people you know.







    Bike Ride

    What I would do is take a guided trip. All the cycling equipment is provided and you don't have to worry about the route. Just need to sit back, relax and follow the guide -- get to know each other along the way. A guided biking tour of Intramuros is available, which is cool because you might learn a thing or two also! Double check your date knows how to ride a bike first!


    Pros: Easy to arrange; fun/different thing to do.

    Cons: Might get hot/sweaty (bring water!)



    Bike Ride2



    Food Market

    I absolutely love going to the food market at BGC on the weekend (they also have weekend food markets at UP Technohub and Glorietta). The atmosphere is vibrant, there are plenty of choices and food is good value. If you go to the BGC market, it is nice to take out your food, head to high street and watch the live music performers while eating.


    Pros: Cheap; plenty of choices; nice vibe.

    Cons: Can be busy; and it's all outdoors so the heat could be a problem.



    Food Market2




    Painting Class 

    Get artistic and take a painting class together! Relaxing, fun and stimulates your brain. A great way to get to know each other. A cool place called Sip and Gogh in Ayala allows you to paint and have a drink! Perfect!


    Pros: Fun/Different

    Cons: Time consuming



    Paint Class3




    Games Night 

    A few ‘games cafes’ are popping up now in Manila. You can just chill on a beanbag and play Jenga, Cards Against Humanity or any other parlour game or board game. If you guys are nervous, a good option is to invite a few friends and get a group together. This can help break the ice.


    Pros: Fun/Different; good ice breaker

    Cons: Food is more ‘snacks’ rather than ‘meals’



    Games Night2




    Theme Park 

    I know people make fun of the theme parks we have here in Manila (or lack thereof), but they actually aren't too bad. If you go with an open mind and make the most of it, you'll have a fun time! They're obviously no Disneyland but we have to make the most of what we’ve got!


    Pros: Lots of variety; shouldn't get bored; everything is in one place

    Cons: Might take a while to travel there; outdoors (hot); food options limited



    Theme Park2





    Here is a nice, old-fashioned idea! It might take some forward planning, but why not prepare some sandwiches, fruits, cheese, wine etc., lay a blanket down and enjoy each other’s company in the park! Make sure you ask your date ahead of time what food they would prefer! Be creative with your cooking!


    Pros: Your date will appreciate the effort; cheap; can be anywhere

    Cons: Outdoors; hot






    Go for Breakfast 

    Dates are often a lunch/merienda/dinner thing. Why not mix it up and go for breakfast! You get the rest of the day to do your thing and lets face it, breakfast food is the best! Bacon!


    Pros: Different; good food

    Cons: Your date might fall asleep if its too early!







    Hike a Mountain 

    Get dirty and go for a nice walk or hike up a mountain. Plan ahead, do your research and pick your route carefully. A mountain with 1/2 difficulty should be tolerable for most people. Bring plenty of water, snacks and a good sense of humour and you will for sure have a date to remember.


    Pros: Fun/Different; sense of achievement together afterwards

    Cons: Sweaty; takes a lot of planning




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