• How to be more Photogenic

    Men's Interest • By Graham Caygill • 07/09/2016 • 0 comments

    Tip 1: Know your best smile & angle


    Go through your photographs, study the ones you are happy with and see what your best smile looks like; is it a big smile? Did you show teeth? Did you just smile with your lips? Did you just slightly grin?


    Also, see what angle your face looks good at. For me, photographers seem to tell me to move my head more to the right (not too much though, a little goes a long way) so thats the way I tend to move towards when taking photos.


    Next time someone is pointing a camera in your face, try and replicate the smile and angle you are most happy with.


    As an example, I took a screenshot of my friend and model, Christian Busby's Instagram account. Similar to me he moves his head to the right side.






    Tip 2: Stay out of direct light


    Direct sunlight and other forms of strong light will cast unwanted shadows of your hair, brow, nose across your face. These dark shadows will not create a desirable photo.


    Try taking your photos when the area is well lit, but the sun is behind a cloud or building.


    This photo below shows may reasons why you shouldn't take a pic in direct sunlight! Haha.






    Tip 3: Make yourself taller 


    If you are taking a group photo and realize that everyone around you is a giant, there are a few things you can do to give yourself an edge.


    Make your body as straight as possible and crane your neck slightly, take a deep breath in and go on to your tip toes just a little! Not enough to raise suspicion, just do the David Blaine levitation trick! Cristiano Ronaldo does this!



    Cristiano Tiptoes2


    Tip 4: Crane your neck slightly


    Avoid a double chin by craning your neck out ever so slightly, this will also give more definition to your jaw line. Don't go over the top, I usually just push my chin forward a bit.




    Tip 5: Don’t be awkward with your arms


    I have long chimpanzee arms so I have to be conscious of what they're doing when posing for photos. If you're going to be putting your hands in your pocket, do so with your thumb sticking out. Stylists and photographers have repeatedly told me to do this. I'm not 100% sure why but I do it anyway! Haha.


    Things I do are: fold my arms (in a relaxed, not defensive way), hold an item (cup of coffee/phone etc) or play with my clothes (adjust watch, fix the cuffs, ply with buttons).





    Again, play around with this and be as natural as possible.


    I hope these tips can help you. Let me know if you have anymore tips that can help me out also! @grahamcaygill or share with me something in the comment box below!

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