• Keep an Eye Out: NBA Western Conference Edition

    Sports • By Gabe Norwood • 22/11/2016 • 0 comments

    Wiggins and Towns look to bring Minnesota back to the post-season

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    With every new NBA season comes different story lines, heroes and villains. League favorites often come out to a hot start and ride that momentum to the playoffs. But where there is predictability there is also mystery.


    The most "intriguing" team to me in the Western Conference is the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now I'm not saying that they will find their way to Finals this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if they made it to post season play as a sixth or seventh seed.


    The T-Wolves are over flowing with young talent and eager veterans looking to turn the franchise around. Andrew Wiggins, the number one overall pick from a few years back, seems to improve every season and I think he will continue this trend. Zack Levine, is terrifyingly athletic which allows him to impact the game on both ends of the court. And rookie Kris Dunn, if given the minutes, I think he can earn plays at a pace that has many compare him to the likes of John Wall and Russell Westbrook.


    But the one player that solidifies my hope in Minnesota goes by the name of Karl Anthony Towns. Towns, or KAT, is coming off a Rookie of the Year season and has all the tools to be a centerpiece of a franchise. Outside of being tremendously skilled, he seems to have a leadership quality which will be demanded of him if he hopes to bring his organization back to the playoffs.


    So, don't be surprised to see the Timberwolves playing more than regular 82-games this season, and who knows how far they'll take it from there. 

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