• The Modern Man's Style Must-Haves

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    I took the time to ask several celebrities in different industries what their most important thing they own, or believe a man should have in their wardrobe is? Here are their answers and explanations why. Hope you guys enjoy!





    Rex Atienza

    Sidney Yap – Scarf

    "Extra texture…wear it many ways…practical usage” (cover when it rains, block the sun, etc.)




    Local Celebrities:


    Raymond Gutierrez – Bomber Jacket

    "New staple every guy should have in his closet is a well-fitted bomber jacket... can easily go from day to night." His favorite is one from Acne Studios which is now one of his "essentials".


    Tim Yap - Suit Jacket

    "Dress it up or down" "most flexible item in a man's closet".





    International Celebrities: 


    Ben Baller Yang - Black Suit

    "And it's gotta be skinny."



    Dante "Rufio" Basco - The Black Button Up

    "That's easy... Fashion for men is sometimes tricky, a guy can be seen as devoid of fashion one second and trying too hard the next... it can be the signature piece that sets off your whole wardrobe...In the end, were guys, we're simple, it's something you can where everyday."





    Stephan Schrock - High Tops: specifically MCM "because they kickin it baaaad Bro".


    Neil Etheridge - Oversized T-Shirt

    "NE1 oversized tee at the moment. I'm keeping them low key with new designs hoping to drop this summer" ... (I should probably use up a whole write up next time on Neil because he cant make up his mind hahaha.)




    Men's Fashion Role Models:


    Brent Javier - Levis Denim Jacket

    "Something I can use for the rest of my life and gets better with age"



    Mike Concepcion - 1970 Chuck Taylor's high-top Converse Sneakers

    "Gotta be the classic 1970 edition though"


    Photo: @michaelconcepts





    Arnel Pineda – Satchel

    "Is right here with me right now...with my cell phone, wallet, sunglass, etc.”


    Rico Blanco - Bespoke Suit

     "Bespoke barong (or suit). Sure, we've all been guilty of resorting to an emergency off-the-rack piece once in our lives. But nothing expresses your respect for an important occasion like something perfectly custom made for you."





    Tom Taus - White V-neck

    "Fresh and classy. You can dress it up or be casual."



    Mars Miranda - Black Tshirt





    Basketball Players:


    Chris Ross - Perfect Fitted White T-shirt

     "...White T-shirt because you can style it with a bunch of different things. Simple/basic=less is more"


    Gabe Norwood - Distressed Jeans

    "...These jeans are in heavy rotation for me."


    My own choice of clothing would be some all black/white Air Max 1s, 90s, or 95s. They're comfortable, never out of style and could be worn in almost any occasion. They're my go-to shoe for the gym, during the day, and nights out. Not gonna lie, I have about 15 pairs of Air Max's. Up that shoe game people!


    To summarize: sometimes LESS is MORE.


    Hope you all enjoyed the write up on celebrity’s top piece. Next week I'll be discussing what to wear for certain occasions.



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