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    If you can turn back time to 6 years ago, this would probably be the last thing I'd be writing about. I dressed like any athlete would: gym shorts, t-shirts and kicks. I would go out at night wearing baggy jeans, dress shoes and a button down shirt, usually a size too small showing off the 5 chest-hairs I had.


    Luckily, I met a gorgeous woman who was big on fashion, which made me raise my sense of style.


    I became more aware of how I presented myself. Fashion became a big interest. I started checking out what other celebrities around the world would wear, and the similarities in people's fashion. From studying celebrities and street-style from other countries, along with advice from my girl was giving me, a fashion awakening emerged and a growing credibility to talk about men's fashion.

    Just to be clear, I am not biased when it comes to different styles. I, myself, try to experiment with other styles. Men have many options: rugged, preppy, hipster, traditional, etc., which all usually stems off from your personality.


    Here are my top 10 style suggestions for men, in no specific order:

    1. Be Yourself 

    Following fashion is what all of you are reading this for. But that doesn't mean you copy everything that’s "supposed to be" fashionable. I've always believed in not trying too hard. Fashion is all about being yourself and being different. Being different is fashion.



    Source: Business Wire

    Example: Pharrel Williams - not many people express themselves through clothing like this guy. He's always down with what's new or trying something new with clothing, just like his music.

    2. Shoes 

    I do admit, I'm a bit of a shoe hoarder. I believe they are key, especially to the outfit and occasion. Let's not be ridiculous, you're not going to wear dress shoes to the gym, but don't wear kicks to a black tie event either. Although, I do believe that comfort is important in this case. Find a shoe brand that is comfortable and, at the same time, fit your style. Variations, patterns, and color are good, but nothing too overpowering that is unsettling to the eyes.

    Example: Colehaan Lunar Grand - one of the best collabs has recently come to an end. Colehaan + Nike



    3. Accessories 

    Go reward your outfit with some accessories. Just like a car, it looks good, but throw on some nice rims and it makes it look that much better. Don't think you can wear anything though. Certain outfits look good with certain accessories.

    I'll always recommend a nice watch, one that you can wear with any outfit - black or silver to be safe. Something I like to sport is an onyx beaded bracelet; not only for the look but also because I believe it to be my good luck charm. Yeah, I'm one of those guys...

    Source: @dasqz

    4. Make sure the clothes fit 

    Oftentimes, us men are too lazy to try things on. We think a medium size from one brand, for example, means we'll be the same size for every brand. Many times I've made this mistake myself; then I get home, put it on, and find out it fits like a ladies size small! I can't stress this enough... Make sure to try things on!


    Just like I said before, everyone has their own style: some oversized, some a bit more tight-fitting. But a lot depends on how you actively promote yourself. One thing is for sure though: if your nipples are staring at me because of the your shirt is too tight-fitted, you've definitely gone too small.


    5. Price 


    This is big for me! I enjoy a good sale, that's actually when I do most of my shopping. Most sales worth checking out are at the end of the season. But I've always believed that good styles are season-less.


     On the other hand, it's always nice to have luxury brands in your closet because of the details, quality, and for the one-of-a-kind designs that are top-notch. But you can always get designs for a cheap price. The only problem is the quality will be mediocre at best. Shirts may shrink due to material, prints may fade, stitching may come undone. So, it's up to you to determine what is more important; spending a lot for quality to last or spending less on more variety.


    Always keep an eye out for "take an additional".



    6. Layer to the climate 

    Ok, so sometimes I go out at night here in the Philippines and wonder why the hell a person is wearing a leather jacket. Fair enough, you're trying to be fashionable. But surely you can go and find something of lighter material which looks good as well. I never understood why people layer themselves with heavy materials in a country where the weather rarely drops below 30-degrees Celsius.


    I'm all for layers but keep it reasonable to the climate. Be comfortable. A sweatshirt, a jacket, a blazer are easy on the eyes in quite hot temperatures, but a heavy coat makes me wonder if a person is crazy or an idiot. It is good to have some nice coats in case you plan a spontaneous trip in cold weather. Definitely, I recommend to have a couple just in case.



    Source: Rosenveincare

    No caption necessary

    7. Dress for the occasion 

    This doesn't mean if it's a costume party you have to go all out, but don't be that guy that doesn't get dressed. Of course this talk usually happens around Halloween, unless you are attending some awesome frat parties.


    Dressing to the occasion really means dress specifically to the invite. Normally events would be labeled casual, semi-casual, business-casual, cocktail chic, semi-formal, business-formal, formal, and black tie. In an upcoming entry, I will describe in detail what should be worn in each type of occasion, with examples. In general, ones you should oblige by are “Black Tie” attire, which is a suit or tuxedo; and “cocktail chic”, which is not too fancy but be stylish slightly more than semi-formal attire.

    Wedding bells mean suits/traditional wear



    8. Your personality affects style 

    How you dress is related to your personality. What kind of industry are you in? What position do you hold in the company? Where do you live? A lot of these questions have a big impact on style. This is what makes fashion amazing because it is different all over the world.



    Source: Risorseutili

    Examples of Personality:
    Ivy League (Nerdy)/Hipster/Casual/Casual/Business

    9. Hair 

    This may have to do more with Men's grooming but it does have a sense of style to it. The way a man grooms himself should give him confidence. If it doesn't, then you must second guess your hairstyle and, maybe, go for a different look.


    Hair can change a man’s look completely. I suggest to mess around with many different looks until you feel you have one that perfectly suits you. Getting a different trim also makes a man feel like a totally different person. If you need to make that transition because you are sick of your old style or have something going on in your life, do it!


    Top left: April '16
    Lower left: September '15
    Top right: October '15
    Lower right: February '16


    10. Look good feel good 

    The moment you feel good about what you are wearing is the moment you can step out the door. Be confident in what you wear and how you are styled and groomed. The more confident you are the more you will achieve; whether it be closing a deal, feeling stronger, even talking to women/men. When I go out on the field I believe in if I look good, then I'll play good.


    Hope these 10 style tips give you ideas for your outfit tomorrow. Be confident in what you're wearing, be comfortable, be yourself!

    Follow up next week to learn about 16 different celebrities must haves in their closet.

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