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    STYLE — a word that has been thrown around recently, and have been used so authoritatively by many. But really, what does it mean to have style? What does it mean to have great style?


    Let me dare start this entry with this: I think everyone has style. Whether it takes them 5 minutes or plan a week’s worth of Instagram-worthy OOTDs from tabs neatly organized from Pinterest, everyone has their own way of dressing up and putting together a look, showing the world who they are.


    I think having style is being able to express yourself. Therefore, having great style is a consistent, authentic, distinctive way of showing the world what kind of personality you have through fashion and how you present yourself in general. Now, being able to forecast trends, re-wear old pieces of clothing, and pull-off unconventional looks, well, some people do that for a living. No pressures, it’s not a requirement to have great style. Let’s not worry about the burden we don't necessarily have to bear.


    One acquires FASHION and when he or she makes it his or her own, that is STYLE. To cite a few examples, let’s go through a personal favorite classic example. Chances are, you would have a white shirt in your closet right now (and some of you would have 9). How you decide to wear it based on your own personal style will show the world who you are (or for the day, at least.)





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    The classic white shirt: she puts the extra effort into her look and avoids to be ordinary. You can tell she has fun with fashion with hair that isn’t choreographed, or with her choices in accessories. She has this expressive personality without being over the top as she gives even the most basic of pieces her own twist.






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    The relaxed white shirt: a minimalist but not at all sloppy. She exudes cool without trying too hard and with basically nothing much going on. Relaxed, comfortable, and prefers not to squirm all day in her outfit — still definitely put together tho. The nonchalant vibe really shows through.






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    The feminine white shirt: a look that’s also romantic. She’s put together even with undone hair or a basic ponytail. Every piece is thought of, carefully building the girly, sometimes flirty image. A thin gold belt to cinch the waist? Maybe unbutton the shirt and tie it to show off a tight skirt? How about an all white look, throw in a bow and some bold red lips? Well dressed and ready to meet anyone, anytime.




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    The white shirt as a blank canvass: the maverick — layers that create unexpected combinations or even those that may add volume. Silhouettes are unconventional and proportions are challenged. Never the way everybody else would wear it, but she kills it all the time. It comes with an attitude, a confident way of carrying yourself. Fashion that is not for the weak of heart, showing the world that she doesn’t need to conform to any written rule.



    These are but a few examples of the multitude of personalities one can show through fashion. How then do you determine yours? Take a good look at yourself and identify what sparks your interests, what lifestyle you have. You may also ask yourself what you want to be and already dress that part. Some people take years finding out what their personal style is. Some take great risks (and regrets) before they come up with a look that is truly theirs. Some just keep on changing and evolving, them style chameleons, and that is, pragmatically, a style personality as well.


    Take your time to know yourself, and as cliche as it may be, get to know your flaws and embrace them. Think about everything that makes you happy, what makes you want to throw a party, what connects to you. From there, you will be able to select and honestly curate the pieces in your closet, tossing out pieces that don't speak to you anymore, and making room for what truly represents the life you live. Put some thought to your look. The result? Genuine, authentic, and distinctly you.

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