• Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario

    Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario is known to dabble in many things. She is a cliché, if you will, a woman that wears many hats. But to her, this is just what all mothers are: individuals that have to master the art of multi-tasking.

    At age 16, Georgia began modeling because she liked the feeling of financial independence. Coming from a line of models, hosts, actors and thespians, it seemed like the natural path to take. But while attending castings and doing photo shoots, she remained in school, honing another passion of hers – writing. Georgia was the editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper for 2 years. Once she started university, she began contributing professionally to newspapers and glossy publications.

    Today, she is the managing editor of Metro Society Magazine under ABS-CBN publishing, while dabbles in other businesses as well. She is a partner at The Bridesmaids and Co., an events managing company; a writer for her personal blog that is predominantly dedicated to food; and a baker that sells home-baked goods. Aside from these, the she still does her occasional pictorial, not forgetting the roots that taught her the ins-and-outs of the industry she still remains a part of today.  

    Though working has always been an important facet to her persona, becoming a young mom showed her who she was truly meant to be. Georgia’s first priority will always be the well being of her four daughters and her husband Armand. The loving (albeit headstrong) couple welcomed their first child in 2004. Learning from the challenges of parenthood early on, Armand and Georgia are mastering the craft of family life today. In 2006 and 20011, they welcomed their 2nd and 3rd children, respectively. Then in 2016, they became new parents once again. The couple now juggles a tween daughter, a grade-schooler, a preschooler and a newborn.

    Through the constant challenges and struggles parenting has faced them with, this bevy of beauties truly adds a depth of her relationship with her husband. To sum it up, the girls are Armand and Georgia’s source of joy and have gifted them with a love that cannot be replaced for anything.

    So, Georgia does welcome the cliché of being the woman who wears many hats. As long as the hat that she is constantly sporting is that of mommy and wife. Find her on Cluster, where she will share her experiences as a working mom, a crazy wife and what it is like to raise a family in today’s modern world.  


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