• Margo Midwinter

    Margo Midwinter looks mataray but is actually a soft, kind-hearted girl. She is bubbly, charming yet funny and naturally a positive person. She enjoys make people smile and laugh. She didn’t grow up in Manila, she lived nineteen years in Britain before packing her things to live outside the box and pursue her passion for modeling. Luckily she wasn’t too bad at it and booked some good commercials and got to travel a lot.

    This kind of work exposed her to a lot of different people and cultures. It also allowed her to explore her creative side, develop her talents, growing a passion for acting, music and makeup. She was able to set up a life for myself here living in Asia and now has a dog called Martee, she also got a car and adapted her driving style to be just as crazy as the rest of the drivers in South East Asia, so she is pretty settled here in Manila, Philippines.

    Margo’s every day is a roller coaster, no two days are the same. Some days can be extremely fun, stressful, and emotional or tiring because, in her job it, it is on a per project bases. The job is glamorous but not always; it requires hard work and determination but 5 years on she still gets the same excitement and satisfaction with each project. She recently decided to become a part of reality TV when she auditioned to be a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB). Margo ended up lasting two months inside the PBB house in 2015, coming out Top 8.

    With PBB, it was sometimes difficult having no communication with her family for so long; however, she grew as a person, found it humbling and it was a great learning experience. PBB was also a once in a lifetimes experience, a dream-come-true and an opportunity not to be wasted, which lead to her having more TV work.

    Since then, she signed with ABS-CBN’s Starmagic and is co-managed by W Talent Management. She also has taken time to finally go back to school and pursue something she really enjoys. Being a contributor for Cluster, she will be sharing her experience regarding entertainment – anything from movies, music, TV shows, product launches and latest events in the metro. So click away and join her to see what’s happening.



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    Bantay Bata 163 X Rocky Gathercole

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     A night well spent, I was invited to attend Bantay Bata 163 X Rocky Gathercole Gala fashion show and dinner. Of course, I couldn't contain my excitement, Rocky has been the avant garde designer to to...

    World Street Food Congress

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      Earlier this month, I got to experience the World Street Food Congress 2017 here in Manila, created by KF Seetoh held at Mall Of Asia Open Grounds. Aside from that I had the pleasure to meet Mr. See...

    Wonder Woman

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                                   Photo: www.youtube.com   Everyone is going crazy about the latest movie Wonder Woman. Well, have you seen her? It's not hard to understand why. Gal Gadot is stunning and...

    The Pietro Boselli Encounter (and Ms. Boselli)

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      Okay so in case you guys didn't know (which I think it's impossible not to know) Pietro Bosseli is the new face of Bench. Well, he is that hot math teacher that went viral after a student posted a p...

    Estée Lauder Lovers

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       Hello darlings, so today I’ll be sharing about a brand I swear by Estée Lauder. I couldn’t contain my delight when I was asked to attend the event in Rustans, Makati, on the weekend. I got to look ...

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    This March is Women’s Month, and Cluster got to celebrate it with Benefit Cosmetics. I had the opportunity to interview Annie Ford Danielson, the daughter of the founder of Benefit Cosmetics and Benef...

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      Given that it is still February, meaning Love Month, I’m sure a lot of us went to watch this movie Fifty Shades Darker based on the bestselling book of the same title. The steamy movie captured many...

    Heaven With The Classics

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     Last 18th of January, I got the chance to watch Bryan Adams. I didn’t really plan it, I just so happened to be in the area and got tickets as I know he has a nice voice. My mum loves his songs, so I ...

    Got Valentine's plans?

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      The month of love is upon us; it’s February and cupid is shooting arrows for us all to be in love. I personally don’t know what I’m doing for Valentine ’s Day, but my inbox is full of odd offers for...

    Star Magic Ball 2016

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      Over the weekend, I was invited to attend one of the celebrity events of the year: the annual Star Magic Ball. Or as I like to call it, ‘The Liza’s Soberano’s Ball’. Liza Soberano owned the night in...

    Zero Worries, Always Fresh

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     Pond's Beauties from Left, Alexa Ilacad, Julia Barretto, Claudia Barretto,Patricia Prieto, Tricia Gosingtian, Kryz Uy and Nicole Andersson  I attended the Pond’s Acne Clear event held at the SM Megam...

    Being Among 100 Sexiest in Manila

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     Last March, I was asked by FHM Magazine to be their cover girl for the new concept of the magazine. I was stunned, surprised and scared, I asked myself “Me? Are they sure?” The cover was everything I...

    Midwinter Days

    Events & Entertainment • By Margo Midwinter • 01/07/2016 • 0 comments

    Dear darlings, first and foremost: Welcome to Cluster, especially to my sections Events and Entertainment. Seeing as this is my first post I decided this would be more like an opening letter about mys...

    Mother's Day is Beauty Day at SM Megamall

    Events & Entertainment • By Margo Midwinter • 01/06/2016 • 0 comments

    To celebrate Mother’s Day, SM Megamall had an event giving makeovers to guests held at the Mega Fashion Hall last 8th May. The event had top makeup artists from the Philippines share tips on the stage...